infra3_1280x853A high-performance infrastructure is the spine of modern high-income economies. Without a correspondingly expanded physical and immaterial infrastructure and availability, labor-intensive management is almost impossible.Economica, on the one hand, analyzes the macroeconomic importance of infrastructure investment with regard to its short-term demand-inducing effect, both during the construction phase and in the operating phase. In addition to the classical analysis channel consisting of direct, indirect and induced effects at the overall economic as well as the regional level, the catalytic effects (for example innovation spillovers) are of central importance. On the other hand, Economica determines the long-term productivity / production potential-enhancing effect of infrastructure investments, taking into account external effects. In this context, the influencing variables for the height and structure (modal split) of the optimal infrastructure capital stock as well as the overall economic returns of infrastructure investments can be determined.

Our methodology portfolio

  • Cost function model / production-theoretical dual model
  • Multiregional input/output model
  • Benefit function-based time-costability models
  • Panel econometric models
  • Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model