The economic effects of individual companies can reach immense orders of magnitude. Their business activity therefore has a local and regional, and often a national or even global relevance. In an analogous manner, this applies to large-scale events in culture or sport, and even more so to entire sectors of the economy.

The economic footprint shows the totality of the economically relevant effects of business activity. Economica, the leading European institute in the field of economic impact analysis, maintains a state-of-the-art portfolio of so-called “Satellite Accounts” for this purpose. Topic-specific satellite constellations consist of cross-sectional materials such as the digital economy, the cultural industry, the security industry or the sports industry (together with SportsEconAustria). Company-specific satellite packages currently allow around 25 corporate groups to carry out both static and dynamic impact analyzes while taking into account their unique features.

The use of satellite accounts enables a precise identification of value-added and purchasing power as well as employment effects. The associated fiscal charges are also determined by the tax and duty matrices applied. In addition, satellite accounts serve as a powerful tool for the impact simulation of strategic decisions, such as the establishment of headquarter activities, the establishment of research centers, the making of expansion investments or the implementation of major events.

Our methodology portfolio

  • Industry-specific supply and use tables
  • Multiregional input/output models for Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Multiregional input/output model for the European Union as the entity of 28 Member States (pre-Brexit)
  • Theme-specific satellite accounts
  • Company-specific satellite accounts
  • Total Economic Value model chart of accounts