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The Economica Institute is a Vienna-based, truly independent non-profit academic research organization, sui generis. Our maxims are forward looking and future formative insights – since 2005.

Our company motto is called: Relevant Economics. Throughout the last years Economica, which is run in the legal form of a non-profit association, has become the largest non- subsidized economic research institute in Austria. Read more

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Current Projects

AMBAVis – Access to museums for blind and visually impaired people through 3D technology

24. June 2017The development of innovative 3D-technologies and multi-sensory methods has opened up opportunities in the past to make visual objects, graphics and images accessible to visually impaired (VI) people. The EU-Erasmus+ project AMBAVis sees itself as a driving force for the further development of tactile and three-dimensional methods of mediation in museums in order to improve cultural access for blind and ... Read More

The Lower Austrian value-added map

24. June 2017Die hier vorgestellte Landkarte der Bruttowertschöpfung zeigt die enormen Unterschiede in der wirtschaftlichen Leistungsfähigkeit der einzelnen Gemeinden Niederösterreichs. Die stärksten 32 der insgesamt 573 Gemeinden reichen bereits aus, um die Hälfte der Bruttowertschöpfung zu generieren. Diese herausragenden regionalen und lokalen Zentren sind umgeben von 541 weiteren Gemeinden, welche die zweite Hälfte der Bruttowertschöpfung in Niederösterreich erwirtschaften. Normiert man die Bruttowertschöpfung, ... Read More

Interreg – Danube Transnational Programme: Eco-innovatively connected Danube Region

15. June 2017General objective of the EcoInn-Danube-Project is to increase the cooperation of innovation actors in the field of ecoinnovations with special emphasis on development and application of ecotechnologies in the Danube Region. Developing new and strengthening the existing interaction networks among representatives of the ecoinnovation environment will be created more ecological and innovative business friendly environment on regional and interregional level. ... Read More